Consumers here in the United States expect the things they purchase to work as advertised. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, but in most cases, when we buy defective products, we simply chalk it up to a waste of money. However, sometimes, defective or dangerous products can go so far as to seriously injure those who purchase them. If you were harmed by a defective product here in Texas, a San Angelo defective product lawyer from The Mathis Law Firm is here to help. Contact us today so we can get started working on your case.

Defective Product Lawyer | Fighting for Victims in San Angelo, Texas

There are few things worse than spending good money on something, only to find that the product is dangerous and harms you as a result. Fortunately, there is legal recourse available. Victims of defective product injuries can feel confident in their choice to turn to a knowledgeable Tom Green County, Texas personal injury lawyer from our firm to help them.

What Products Most Frequently Cause Injuries?

The truth is, virtually anything you can buy can be defective and can harm you as a result. However, there are certain products that more commonly cause injuries resulting in lawsuits. Just some of the most commonly defective products we see are as follows:

  • Automobiles
  • Children’s toys
  • Medical devices
  • Medications
  • Power tools
  • Farming equipment
  • Household appliances
  • Cleaning products
  • Cosmetics

Defective Product Lawsuit Grounds

There are three primary grounds for defective product lawsuits. They are:

  • Defective product design: Those who patent and design products are responsible for considering consumer safety. If a product is designed without consumer safety in mind, when a person purchases and uses the product, they can sustain very serious injuries. If you and your lawyer can prove that the product was dangerously designed and that there was a safer and economically feasible means to design the product, you should have a valid product liability claim.
  • Negligent product manufacturing: Product manufacturers are often responsible for turning previously-safe product blueprints unsafe by diverting from those blueprints. This can include using cheap materials or otherwise cutting corners to save time or money. If you were injured due to a negligent product manufacturer, you should also have a valid product liability claim.
  • Failure to warn: Product designers and manufacturers are responsible for including clear written warnings about any potential safety hazards a product may pose to consumers when used improperly. If your injury was caused by a failure to warn, speak with us today. There’s a good chance you’re entitled to compensation.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for most defective product injury claims here in Texas is two years. Don’t make the mistake of waiting longer than two years to file your product liability claim, for if you do, you’ll likely permanently lose your right to sue. Remember, the sooner you bring your claim to the attention of a seasoned defective product lawyer, the better off you will be.

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Those harmed as a result of defective product usage here in Texas can turn to The Mathis Law Firm to help them get the compensation to which they are entitled. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation so we can get working on your case.

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