When you think of distracted driving, texting behind the wheel may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, this is not the only way a driver can be inattentive when traveling. There are several things that can cause distractions that subsequently lead to crashes. Reports show that in 2019, there were over 3,000 deaths and 400,000 injuries caused by distracted drivers. If hurt due to an inattentive driver, you’ll want to keep reading to learn how a San Angelo, Texas auto accident lawyer can help you receive justice for your injuries.

What Are the Kinds of Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is not only when someone uses their phone while behind the wheel. The three primary forms of distracted driving include the following:

  • Manual: These distractions cause the driver to remove one or both hands from the wheel. This includes setting a GPS, eating, drinking, applying makeup, or adjusting the radio station.
  • Visual: Whenever a driver moves their eyes from the road to look at something else constitutes a visual distraction. Whether they are looking at another passenger, a crash across the street, or their entertainment console, if their eyes are not on the road, they can miss numerous hazards.
  • Cognitive: The final kind of distraction is one of the least common but most dangerous. Often, those who are distracted by conversations or thoughts will have both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. However, this takes their attention away from what’s happening in front of them, causing a collision.

While not the only dangerous form of distracted driving, to put in perspective how risky texting and driving is, using a cell phone involves all three distractions.

What Injuries Can Result From Distracted Driving?

Unfortunately, there are a number of injuries caused by those who decide to drive while distracted. Because they are distracted, drivers can miss hazards on the road, run lights, miss pedestrians in crosswalks, and veer into other lanes, these collisions can cause substantial injuries.

For example, these collisions can cause concussions, broken bones, chronic pain, spinal injuries, lacerations, and burns.

Am I Eligible for Compensation?

If you were injured due to a distracted driver, you could be eligible for compensation. Unfortunately, it can be hard to prove that someone was distracted before the collision. Luckily, doorbell cameras and witnesses can help attest to whether or not a driver was on their phone or looking away from the road. However, if they are still liable for the collision, they can be held responsible, and you can receive the correct and deserved compensation for the injuries you sustained.

When injured in a crash due to a negligent driver, contacting a competent attorney as soon as possible is essential. The Mathis Law Firm is ready to help you achieve justice. Reach out to our law firm today to learn more about how we can help you hold the distracted driver responsible for your injuries.