Though they may not seem like a big deal, road hazards can pose severe risks to passing motorists. However, collisions involving a road hazard aren’t always easy to navigate, as determining liability can be challenging. Understanding the factors that influence who is responsible for a crash is vital. Keep reading to learn more about these circumstances and discover how a San Angelo, Texas auto accident lawyer to explore how you can receive the compensation you deserve.

What Are Common Road Hazards?

There are a number of hazards on the road you can encounter while traveling. Generally, these hazards are natural, like tree branches, flooding, mud, dirt, or wild animals. Similarly, debris from nearby construction sites, such as building materials or equipment that impedes roadways can also pose a hazard to drivers.

However, physical items on the road aren’t the only hazards drivers will encounter. The conditions of the road can also pose a risk. This includes potholes, fading center-line paint, no guardrails, missing signs, and broken stoplights.

Who Can Be Held Liable in These Collisions?

If you are involved in a collision caused by a road hazard, understanding how liability is determined is vital. In some instances, no party is responsible for the collision. For example, if two cars are following the speed limit and paying attention to the road, there’s nothing either vehicle can do if a deer runs out in front of one vehicle, causing it to collide with the other.

However, if there’s a piece of debris in the road, and a speeding driver isn’t paying attention, causing them to hit the hazard and collide with another vehicle, the driver who wasn’t paying attention can be held responsible.

If the hazards are caused by a construction site, such as nails or material in the roadway, the company and entity responsible for hiring them can be held liable for any damages. For example, if a construction worker drops a tool, hits a car, and causes a collision, the company and whoever hired them can be sued. Similarly, if the road conditions lead to a crash, the municipality responsible for maintaining the roads can be liable for injuries that occur.

What Should I Do After the Crash?

Following a car crash, it’s essential to understand how to proceed. If you’re injured, calling the police to receive medical attention is vital. Similarly, a police presence can help keep the scene of the collision safe for other passing drivers.

You’ll also want to take as many pictures and videos as possible. These can help prove that the collision was caused by a road hazard.

Finally, you’ll want to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. At the Mathis Law Firm, our dedicated legal team will explore the circumstances surrounding your case to help you navigate these complex issues. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you through this complicated legal matter.