The new season can bring some new potential driving dangers along with it, but knowing what to look out for can potentially help you avoid a crash. If someone else causes a car crash because they weren’t responsible enough to keep an eye out for common spring road hazards, you might be owed compensation. A San Angelo, Texas car accident lawyer from our firm can help you weigh your options.

What Kinds of Spring Road Hazards Can Cause Crashes?

There are plenty of spring road hazards that you should be aware of. Any of the following dangers can easily contribute to a crash:

Rain: Inclement weather can make the roads slick, potentially making accidents more likely. Serious storms can also make it harder to see the road ahead of you. Hail can be just as dangerous with the bonus of potentially damaging your car.

More people sharing the road: It’s usually quite warm around here no matter what season it is, but we still see an uptick in the number of motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians sharing the roads with us during the spring months. You have to do your best to share the road safely.

Potholes: When the temperature drops during the winter, it can help to create some large potholes. These can be dangerous to drive over at higher speeds and could cause drivers to lose control.

Glare from the sun: The days are getting longer, and that can mean that the sunlight is starting to become a problem on your commute home. If you’re dealing with glare from the sun, get some sunglasses and drive a bit more carefully when visibility gets worse.

Can Someone Be Blamed When Spring Road Hazards Cause a Crash?

We said that spring road hazards often contribute to a crash, but they are usually not the chief cause. Usually, another driver’s negligence causes the crash, but the hazardous conditions help. In a case like this, you can still sue another driver involved in the crash. They can blame the rain or glare from the sun, but if they were speeding or otherwise acting irresponsibly they should still be held accountable.

How Long Do I Have to Sue For Damages?

In Texas, you have two years to sue after getting hurt in a car crash. File a claim after that point, and your case is likely to be thrown out no matter how convincing it is. If you want to recover damages like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, you should act quickly.

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