When you get hurt by a defective product or injured in a slip and fall, there may be someone whose negligence helped cause your injuries. You can sue them for compensatory damages, but that may not be the only money awarded to you if your suit is successful. You could win punitive damages as well if the conditions of your case are just right. A Tom Green County, Texas personal injury lawyer from our firm can help you pursue maximum compensation.

Can Every Personal Injury Case Award Punitive Damages?

Many cases like these are caused by negligence. A store doesn’t clean up a spill or put out a wet floor sign. A driver gets momentarily distracted and crashes into another driver. Punitive damages are not usually an option in cases like these.

Instead, these types of damages are specifically designed to punish a defendant for behavior that was particularly appalling. These damages are meant as a warning not just to the defendant but to anyone else who might engage in reckless behavior that could harm others.

What Are the Types of Compensatory Damages?

Compensatory damages can be awarded in all types of personal injury cases. As the name implies, they compensate you for what you experienced. Economic damages address the costs of an incident, like the medical expenses incurred and the paychecks you missed out on as you recovered. Non-economic damages help address the trauma you experienced and the pain and suffering you have gone through as a result.

Can the Court Limit Punitive Damages?

Yes, there are limits on how much can be awarded in punitive damages. They are capped at double your economic damages PLUS your non-economic damages up to $750,000. So as an example, let’s say that you win $2,000,000 in economic damages and $900,000 in non-economic damages. You can be awarded a maximum of 4,750,000 for punitive damages. That’s two times 2,000,000 plus an additional $750,000.

Can a Lawyer Help Me Sue for Punitive Damages?

It can be tough to prove negligence in a personal injury case. It can be even tougher to show that someone’s behavior rose to the level where punitive damages should be provided. This is why we recommend hiring an attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you build an effective case and argue for maximum compensation in front of a judge and jury.

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