It is not uncommon for people to get seriously injured in slip and fall incidents. If you or a loved one have fallen on someone else’s property and you believe that the property owner’s negligence was to blame, then you may want to file a slip and fall claim. It’s important to remember that you have a limited time to move forward with a lawsuit though, so you may want to meet with a Tom Green County, Texas personal injury lawyer from our firm as soon as possible.

How Long Do I Have to Make a Slip and Fall Claim in Texas?

Texas gives you two years to come forward and make a personal injury claim. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like when the injured person is a minor or someone who is not of sound mind. In cases like these, the timer could start once a minor turns 18 or someone is declared competent to bring forward a lawsuit.

In any case, it’s often best to act quickly. Hiring a lawyer soon after your slip and fall can make it easier for them to gather evidence and build up your case.

Does the Statute of Limitations Change If I Got Hurt on Government Property?

In many cases, yes. The issue is that there are special rules for suing a city, municipality, or other government entity. You must submit a notice of claim within six months and then you can move forward with your slip and fall claim. It’s also important to note that certain areas may have their own rules and even shorter deadlines though. This is why it’s prudent to meet with an attorney as soon as you can.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Win After Submitting a Slip and Fall Claim?

When you sue for compensation after getting injured, you shouldn’t just be paid back for the economic costs related to your injuries. You should also be reimbursed for the trauma and pain that you went through as a result of this incident. A fair compensation offer for a slip and fall claim would cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Pain and suffering

Will I Have to Go to Trial After Submitting a Slip and Fall Claim?

If you are worried about a long, drawn-out trial where you’ll have to testify in court, don’t be. Many cases like this settle long before they go to trial. If we do have to go to trial, your lawyer will build a case that can succeed in front of a judge and jury. They can also prep you for testimony and keep you in the loop about important dates and deadlines.

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