If you get hurt and it’s someone else’s fault, then you should be able to sue for damages and hold them accountable. Your financial resources should not affect your ability to do that. This is why many personal injury cases use a contingency fee arrangement. This means that your San Angelo, Texas burn injuries lawyer gets paid when you get paid.

How Is a Contingency Fee Calculated?

When you are charged a contingency fee, it is usually calculated as a percentage of your settlement. So if you do not win your personal injury case, you are not going to owe your lawyer a big payment. You will just have to worry about various court fees and some other expenses.

This allows someone to pursue damages after they get hurt even when they do not have a lot of money to spend. If a lawyer charged you upfront or hourly to take your personal injury case, you could end up losing and paying a lot of money to gain nothing of value. When a lawyer offers a contingency fee arrangement, that allows you to sue for compensation and hold any negligent parties accountable without worrying about your finances.

Do Some Cases Require a Higher Contingency Fee?

When you win a case and your lawyer charges a contingency fee, the lawyer usually ends up taking a percentage of your settlement. How much they plan to take should be made clear to you well in advance.

In some cases, a contingency fee for one case may be higher than the fee for another case. This is often due to the perceived difficulty of winning the case. An experienced attorney can evaluate most personal injury suits and figure out how easy it would be to win a large settlement. Is there a lot of evidence and clear wrongdoing? That might be an easy case to win. However, if the facts of the case seem murky and it looks like it will be more difficult to prove negligence, a lawyer might charge a higher fee.

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A contingency fee arrangement is meant to encourage people to pursue compensation with the help of a lawyer. It can be tough to prove someone else’s negligence on your own, especially when you are up against an insurance company and their army of lawyers. Having your own attorney on your side can help you even the odds a bit. Whether you have questions about the legal process and you need someone to defend you from any accusations of wrongdoing or fault, a lawyer from our firm is ready to advocate for you.

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