When you get into a car crash, you might be tempted to settle your claim quickly and just be done with the entire process. The insurance company is hoping for that. The first settlement offer is rarely fair, so we do not recommend that you take just any offer sent your way. First, you need to know the full scope of your injuries and hire a San Angelo, Texas car accident lawyer who has experience with cases just like yours.

Why Would an Insurer Want Me to Settle a Claim Quickly?

An insurance company wants you to settle your claim quickly because that’s usually to their benefit. The first offer they give you is often the least amount of money they think they can get away with offering. If their insured driver is to blame, their goal is to get out of the situation with as little money lost as possible.

If you do not have a lawyer to advise you, a settlement check from an insurer can look pretty good. If you think that your injuries are minor and that you won’t need continued care, then you might think that it’s a good idea to just take the money and end this whole affair right now.

Can I Still Sue For Damages After I Settle My Claim?

Settling your claim quickly takes away all of your options though. Let’s say you settle your claim and then go back to your doctor for a follow-up visit concerning your injuries. It turns out that there are some serious complications that need to be dealt with, and your medical costs balloon far past your initial estimates.

When this happens, you cannot just turn around and sue the insurer. You settled. The matter is done and it doesn’t matter how much more in economic or non-economic damages you think that you deserve. By settling a claim quickly, you have ensured that you will be on the hook for any future expenses.

When Should I Hire an Attorney?

You can hire an attorney as soon as you get an offer from an insurance company. An experienced personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and calculate what kind of compensation would be fair based on your injuries, how much work you’ll miss, and how difficult the recovery will be for you.

Your lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, potentially earning you a far more generous compensation offer. If the insurer won’t budge during negotiations, your lawyer is even prepared to take your case to court.

Talk to Our Team Before you Settle Your Claim Quickly

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