When most people think about traumatic brain injuries, they often think of professional football players whose careers ended too soon due to on-field collisions that can leave lasting impacts. However, injuries can happen to anyone, whether it’s due to a slip-and-fall or a car crash. These injuries have severe implications, causing life-changing effects on the victim. If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury after an incident, you don’t have to suffer in silence. A San Angelo, Texas brain injury lawyer can help you achieve justice.

Are There Various Kinds of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Though many may think that traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are all the same, there are actually different kinds of injuries.

One of the most common types of injuries is a concussion. This is most commonly associated with sports, as contact with other players or equipment can cause the brain to jolt around in the skull. However, they can occur off the court or field. Over the years, these have been taken more seriously, especially with people who suffer multiple concussions.

However, there are other types of TBI, including hemorrhaging, contusions (brain bruises), penetrating brain injury, and diffuse axonal injury. These all range in severity, with diffuse axonal injuries considered one of the most severe.

How Do Injuries Occur?

While many brain injuries are commonly associated with sports, there are many different ways these injuries occur. Generally, TBIs are the direct result of a blow or jolt to the head, typically violent and forceful.

For example, if you’re the victim of a car crash, you can suffer from a traumatic injury. This is because the impact of the other driver hitting your car can cause your head to jolt, meaning your brain bounces around your skull, causing damage. Car collision victims often experience diffuse axonal injury due to the violent nature of the crash. This can cause the fibers in the brain to tear, leading to loss of function.

Similarly, slip-and-falls can cause your skill to hit the ground, often resulting in brain injury. This is because your head can bounce twice on the ground, making the injury more severe.

Can I Receive Compensation?

If your injuries were due to the negligence of another person, such as a distracted driver or the neglect of a building manager, you could be eligible for financial compensation.

You can recover both economic and non-economic damages. This includes quantifiable monetary amounts, such as medical records or loss of income, while non-economic damages include pain and suffering.

When you’ve been injured due to another party’s negligence, don’t wait to reach out to an attorney. The Mathis Law Firm is ready to represent you to help you achieve the justice you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.