There are a number of precautions you should take as a homeowner to avoid injuries on your property this Halloween. Continue reading and give our legal team a call today to speak with a skilled Tom Green County, Texas personal injury lawyer. We are on your side.

Make sure your property is well-lit.

Replace burned-out bulbs in exterior lights. If needed, install more lights in the front yard to avoid individuals tripping over something they cannot see. If you will not be home for trick-or-treating, turn your lights off to deter children from coming to your property.

All lighting should be grounded.

You will not want to overload electrical outlets with holiday lighting or portable decorative objects. All outdoor lighting should be grounded, including low-voltage outdoor security lights and any Halloween lights. You will only want to use concealed electric outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

Keep walkways clear.

Be sure that all walkways and the front yard are clean and clutter-free to prevent falls. Put your car in the garage. Lock your garage doors. Clean wet leaves from sidewalks and stairs. Move bikes, garden hoses, potted plants, and skateboards away from areas that are likely to be walked on by groups of people. Decorative items and jack-o-lanterns should also be placed at a safe distance from crowds to prevent people from knocking them over or tripping on them. Note that kids often run from house to house and they don’t always stay on sidewalks, so, if you’re setting up a display, make sure it is well-lit and visible. If you are constructing a lawn display make sure to keep walkways clear. Furthermore, do not run cords over sidewalks where people might trip over them or harm themselves.

When it comes to jack-o-lanterns, safety first.

If you plan to use candles in your jack-o-lanterns, you will want to keep them far away from primary walkways. This will help lower fire hazards, such as costumes, props, or decorations catching on fire. A great alternative to open flames is to use battery-powered light sources or light sticks.

Make sure your little trick-or-treaters are visible to drivers.

Put reflector strips on your child’s costume, or have them carry a flashlight or light stick to make them more visible at night. This will not only ensure they are seen by drivers, but will also help you keep an eye on them if they get ahead of you.

Keep your pets inside.

Pets are usually scared on Halloween, so keeping them inside will protect them from cars or inadvertently biting a trick-or-treater.

Assure you have home security.

If you will be away from your home during Halloween, you will want to set your security alarm system before you go. This is a prime time of year for mischief and burglaries. To increase your home’s safety, you can also use motion-sensitive lights and alert your neighbors that you will be away.

Test Your Smoke Alarms.

With jack-o-lanterns being a popular staple of Halloween, you will want to test your smoke alarms well in advance of the Halloween celebrations.


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