When one driver is tailgating, they are following another car too closely and not giving themselves enough time to act if there is a sudden change in traffic conditions. It’s no surprise then that tailgating can cause many car crashes. If you got hurt in a crash and someone else’s bad behavior was to blame, you should hold them accountable. A San Angelo, Texas car accident lawyer from our firm can help you pursue damages.

What is So Dangerous About Tailgating?

When someone is tailgating, they are not leaving enough space in front of them for braking. If the car in front of them has to suddenly stop or slow down, the tailgating vehicle is likely to run right into them. This is especially likely in inclement weather when snow or rain has made the road more slippery than usual.

What Kinds of Injuries Are Common in Rear-End Collisions?

Rear-end collisions can cause all sorts of injuries just like any other type of car crash. Broken bones, fractures, cuts, and other injuries are common, but you really need to be on the lookout for whiplash.

When a car gets hit from behind, the heads of the occupants can quickly launch forward and then be “whipped” right back. This causes whiplash, a neck and spine injury that can end up being quite serious. Neck pain, stiffness, and headaches are common symptoms, and the worst part about whiplash is that it can even occur at slower speeds.

Should I Sue For Damages If Tailgating Causes a Crash?

Yes, if you believe that the other driver’s tailgating caused your crash, you should sue them for damages. If they had just left themselves more room and time to react, your collision and your injuries never would have happened.

Just be aware that the defense might try to turn this around on you. Their driver wasn’t tailgating, you were brake-checking them. Be clear about what transpired and our lawyers will do their best to defend you from any desperate accusations.

How Long Do I Have to Take Legal Action?

You have two years to sue for damages in Texas. Wait any longer than that and your case is likely to be thrown out in court. Waiting too long to file can also make it hard to gather helpful evidence, like video footage or reliable testimony from witnesses.

Will I Have to Go to Trial?

You may have to go to trial, but many of these kinds of cases settle long before that court. We can help you negotiate for a fair settlement, but if an agreement cannot be reached we’ll help you build a case that can succeed in court.

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