When you get injured in a car crash and decide to pursue compensation, you may find that it’s difficult to sue for damages on your own. This is why you may want to speak to a San Angelo, Texas car accident lawyer from our firm. There is a lot that a personal injury attorney can do to help you strengthen your car crash case.

What Can a Lawyer Do During a Car Crash Case?

Your lawyer can do a few things to make your car crash case more convincing. They can:

Gather evidence: Your attorney can secure footage of the crash, talk to eyewitnesses, or get a copy of the police report. Anything that can help show that someone else caused your car crash can make it easier to build a case.

Defend you from accusations: A driver or insurer might try to say that you were to blame for the crash. If you are even partly responsible, your settlement could be reduced significantly. Your lawyer will defend you and fight for a fair compensation offer.

Prepare you for testimony: Testifying at a deposition or in court can be a scary experience. Your attorney can prepare you so that you can make your own car crash case even more convincing.

Which Expert Witnesses Can Strengthen My Car Crash Case?

Your lawyer can also put you in touch with expert witnesses who can strengthen your case. When a witness has unique knowledge or a verified background in a certain field, what they say can carry a lot of weight. You may want the help of:

Crash reconstruction experts: These witnesses can recreate a crash and show how another driver could be to blame for your injuries.

Medical experts: They can speak about your prognosis, your recovery, and what kind of effect your injuries will continue to have on you.

Psychologists and mental health professionals: The effects of a car crash are rarely just physical. These experts can talk about your mental health, what kind of psychological trauma you have experienced, and why you should be compensated for it.

How Long Do I Have to Pursue Damages?

You do not have unlimited time to file your car crash case. Texas gives injured victims two years to file a claim and start the legal process. A lawyer from our firm can handle the paperwork and file your case for you while you focus on recovering and getting back to life as usual. We don’t want you to miss your chance to sue for damages.

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