There are several mundane tasks you likely complete every week, from laundry to grocery shopping. However, when you’re in a store picking up the necessities for the upcoming days, the last thing you expect is to sustain an injury. Unfortunately, incidents in retail stores are not uncommon and can have lasting impacts on victims. As such, understanding how to proceed is vital. This blog explores the importance of filling out a store incident report following an injury while enlisting the help of a Tom Green County, Texas personal injury lawyer.

What Are Common Store Injuries?

Several injuries can impact shoppers in a retail store, with the most common being slips and falls. These occur when there is a hazard on the floor, which leads to someone slipping or tripping on it before falling to the ground. In general, this incident is closely associated with unmarked wet spots on the floor from an employee mopping or a leaky pipe, but it can also be caused by merchandise left on the floor, broken tiles, or cords unsecured to the ground.

Another incident shoppers can endure occurs when they are struck by falling items. Most commonly this is because fixtures in the store, like mirrors or shelving, aren’t secured to the walls properly. However, falling products can be caused by improper stocking or putting too much weight on a shelf.

What Is an Incident Report?

After an injury occurs on the premises at a store, it’s vital to alert the necessary parties to the hazard. Generally, this will be the store manager or owner.

You’ll need to alert the appropriate party for two reasons – the first is so they can mitigate damages and prevent other parties from suffering the same injury, and the second is so you can fill out an incident report.

An incident report, much like a police report at the scene of a car crash, collects pertinent details about an incident. This will note where and when the injury occured, what exactly happened, the extent of the injuries you’ve endured, and any witnesses who can attest to the incident.

If you want to pursue compensation, filing a report with the store immediately is essential to helping you receive the funds you’re entitled to. Be sure to obtain a copy of the document before leaving the store. Unfortunately, some retail locations have been known to change the details of a report to avoid responsibility. If they refuse to give you a copy, take a photo of the document, as this can help ensure you have some proof of the original report.

At the Mathis Law Firm, we understand that sustaining injuries in retail locations can cause several severe issues, from the inability to work to excessive medical bills. We believe you shouldn’t suffer due to the negligence of another party. Contact us today to learn how we can help you recover compensation.