A car crash can cause serious injuries, but you should not underestimate the kind of psychological trauma that such an event can also leave behind. This is why someone who was in a collision can actually sue for things like anxiety as they pursue damages that can help make up for economic costs, like lost wages and medical costs. If you have developed anxiety after getting hurt in a car crash, a San Angelo, Texas car accident lawyer may be able to help you.

When Can I Sue for Anxiety?

You can sue for anxiety as long as you were also physically injured in a car crash. People can be held accountable for the emotional distress that they cause, even if it is not something that they did on purpose. This is often referred to as negligent infliction of emotional distress, and it’s commonly referred to in personal injury cases. So if someone else was responsible for the car crash that injured you, they are also responsible for your anxiety and stress.

What Evidence Can Strengthen My Anxiety Claim?

It can be a bit easier to make your case when you sue for economic damages. If you want compensation for your medical costs, you have hospital and doctor’s bills to point to. If you missed wages, you can use your previous paychecks as evidence of what you lost.

When you sue for damages relating to your anxiety and emotional distress, it can be harder to find useful evidence. That does not mean that it is impossible though. Testimony from your doctor or a mental health professional can be quite convincing. We can also introduce your medical history, showing a jury that you now need medications and therapies that you did not require before the crash.

Should I Take the Insurance Company’s First Offer?

When you sue another driver after a crash, you’re really going after their insurance company. An insurer might make you an offer that seems fair, but you have to remember that these companies do everything that they can to get out of situations like these for as little money as possible. We don’t recommend taking the first offer. You should talk to an attorney who can help you calculate fair compensation and fight for that amount.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

An attorney can help you out in other ways too. A lawyer from our firm can:

  • Handle all communications for you
  • Gather evidence needed to make your case
  • Connect with expert witnesses who can strengthen your claim
  • Answer your questions about the legal process
  • Help you file a claim before the statute of limitations expires

So while you are not required to hire a lawyer when pursuing damages, you can see that having one by your side can be beneficial.

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