The typical car crash lawsuit can devolve into a “he said, she said” pretty quickly. What would make things easier is if the event was caught on tape, and sometimes you get lucky and that is exactly what happened. Intersection cameras can occasionally get footage of cars colliding, making it easier for one side to make their case and pursue compensation. If there is evidence like this that can help you, a San Angelo, Texas car accident lawyer from our firm can help you find it.

Could Intersection Cameras Affect a Case?

Intersection cameras can certainly help or hurt someone’s case, depending on what they capture. If footage shows that the other car involved in a crash made an illegal turn or blew through a stop sign, that can work in your favor. Unfortunately, sometimes a camera just is not positioned properly to determine what contributed to a collision. Even if the footage is damning of the other driver, you should still have some other evidence to strengthen your case.

What Other Evidence Do I Need to Make a Claim?

Whether intersection cameras help with your case or not, your lawyer can help you gather other evidence that can help you build a more compelling case. They can use:

  • Photos of the crash scene
  • Police reports
  • Witness testimony

Can My Lawyer Secure Footage from Intersection Cameras?

Having a lawyer can make it easier to get the footage that you need from nearby intersection cameras. Our lawyers are more than accustomed to processes like these, so they can submit a request and get the footage you need. You just need to act quickly, because you do not know how long the footage will be saved for.

Your lawyer may also have better luck than you securing footage from other nearby cameras. If a business or homeowner had a camera of their own that caught your crash on video, you can ask for it yourself or have your lawyer ask for you. There is no obligation on their part to hand over footage, but they may give it to you anyway.

Will My Case Have to Go to Trial?

Some people do not want to pursue damages after a car crash because they worry that they will have to go to trial and that the process will be too drawn out. To be honest, these cases can take a while to conclude. However, most of them do not have to go to trial. They settle before that. So if you are worried about having to testify in court and that’s what is keeping you from pursuing the compensation that you deserve, please talk to our lawyers.

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