18-wheeler trucks are vital to the nation’s economy, as they help transport produce and goods across the country. However, due to their immense size, these trucks can be scary. As such, collisions involving these vehicles can have a devastating impact on victims, including extremely high medical bills and severe damage to your car. Understanding how mechanical and maintenance issues can contribute to collisions is vital. The following blog explores how a San Angelo, Texas truck accident lawyer can help you through a lawsuit if injured by a truck while traveling.

How Do Maintenance Issues Cause Crashes?

Due to the number of parts used to build and drive trucks, there are a significant amount of issues that can arise for those who drive these vehicles. One of the most common issues that lead to collisions is failed brakes. Unfortunately, when truck owners do not take the necessary steps to repair and maintain their brakes and brake lines, it can lead to collisions.

Similarly, blown-out tires are another common maintenance issue, as they indicate that the vehicle is overloaded, the tire pressure is too low, or the tires are past their replacement date. Regardless, when a tire gets blown out on the road, it can cause significant damage. Not only can the tire become a hazard for passing motorists, but the truck driver may lose control of the vehicle.

While these are two of the most common maintenance issues, there are significantly more. This includes low levels of transmission fluid, faulty suspension, improperly installed guards, broken hitches, and defective lights or mirrors.

Who Can Be Liable for Crashes Caused By Poor Maintenance?

Generally, the driver and the company responsible for maintaining the trucks are liable for damages caused by poor maintenance. Drivers have a checklist of elements they must inspect before operating the vehicle, and though it does not include analyzing every inch of the truck, it can help reduce the risk of crashes. If a driver fails to complete this checklist or operates the vehicle even if they know about a mechanical issue, they can be liable. Similarly, the company that owns and operates the truck can be found responsible, as it is their duty to ensure the vehicle is up to date on all necessary maintenance.

However, third parties can also be held liable for crashes. For example, a driver notices an issue and alerts their boss, so the company pays for a mechanic to repair it. However, if the mechanic does not fix the problem, they can be held liable as the company took the necessary steps to mitigate and remedy the issue.

If injured because of a maintenance issue, knowing how to proceed is vital. Unfortunately, collisions involving these trucks can cause catastrophic injuries. Ensuring you receive the compensation you’re entitled to is essential. At the Mathis Law Firm, our dedicated legal team will do everything possible to fight for the compensation you deserve when injured at the hands of a negligent party. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.