Reliable Legal Services for Personal Injury Cases

The Mathis Law Firm provides outstanding legal representation to clients in San Angelo, TX and nearby areas. We primarily handle cases involving people who have been hurt or injured in collisions. 

A potential personal injury case requires a deep understanding of the facts, the processes, and the law. When you hire an attorney from our team, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have someone who will relentlessly fight for you in court.

Collision Injuries

Our team will work hard to develop an aggressive line of legal action so you can obtain the compensation you need to help you fully recover from your injury. More importantly, we will strive to hold the driver responsible for any damage or physical harm you have incurred because of his or her negligence.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Helping those injured after the negligence of someone else is the focus and desire of The Mathis Law Firm. Concentrating on injury and fatalities resulting from collisions and oil field accidents, we have offices and lawyers in San Angelo and Odessa, TX. The Mathis Law Firm has represented clients throughout West Texas, including, Tom Green County, Ector County, Midland County, Ward County, Reeves County, Hidalgo County, Winkler County, Andrews County, Howard County, Reagan County, Kerr County, and Bexar County. You have enough to worry about. Anxiety and physical pain caused by an injury shouldn't be complicated by insurance companies and/defense attorneys. You need an attorney that focuses and concentrates on one area of law: personal injury trial law.

The Initial Phone Call

The first time you call The Mathis Law Firm, someone will answer your questions, take your information, and schedule an initial consultation.

The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is always free, and an attorney and paralegal will sit down and discuss your case. Bring all documents related to your collision or injury (police report, medical records, automobile insurance information, and photographs), and the attorney will discuss your legal rights and answer questions. In Texas, the Statute of Limitations to file and serve a defendant and/or settle your case is two years from the date of injury. The attorney will discuss the issues and circumstances that may arise during your case and discuss the difference between pre-litigation and litigation.

Hiring The Mathis Law Firm

The Mathis Law Firm operates under contingency fee agreements with clients. A contingency fee agreement will be explained during the initial consultation. Typically, the attorney's fees are contingent on recovery and the lawyer takes the risk of hiring experts and other expenses required in the litigation process.

Case Evaluation

During the representation, your case and injuries will be constantly evaluated. Each client’s case and injuries are unique and individual to the client. The unique nature of representation will require cooperation and teamwork between the lawyer and client. At the appropriate time, a "demand package" will be sent to the insurance companies and defense attorneys. The demand package is a position statement related to the client's case, liability factors, injuries, and past, present, and future damages. The case can be "settled" at this stage if the insurance company and defendants are reasonable and the client's needs/damages are met with their approval.

Filing the Lawsuit

It is important to ask your lawyer if they are willing and able to file your lawsuit and present your case to a jury. It is The Mathis Law Firm's position and belief that the 7th Amendment right to a jury is the equalizer between big insurance companies and the injured. A trial attorney should be willing and able to present your case to a jury. Ask your lawyer how many verdicts they have received and when they received them. You also want a trial lawyer who is familiar with the court, judge, community, and defense attorneys. Ask your lawyer if they are in the court where your case is filed on a regular basis.

Your Health and Recovery

You only get one shot at making the insurance company and/or defense attorneys be fair and reasonable. Until we know that you’re done treating and you have made a full recovery, we will not be able to fully and accurately evaluate your damages. We want you to know that your health and recovery is the number one goal, and making the insurance company pay for the full extent of your damages is the only fair resolution.

Preparing for Trial

The Mathis Law Firm will start preparing your case for trial at the initial consultation. Your case can settle at any point throughout the litigation process, but preparing for trial is always the most important part of your representation. Ask your lawyer if they are constantly preparing and thinking about your possible trial. You have to be willing to fight for a reasonable and fair compensation.


You will be given your lawyer’s direct line and have access through the "Mycase" portal or by phone to your lawyer, the paralegal, and medical clerk. We always encourage you to come by and visit with your lawyer about your case. The better we know you, the better we can represent your interests.

Always remember, your case can never settle or be presented to a jury without your consent and knowledge. Call us today if we can help.

Get a Free Consultation

Any form of accident can cause physical and psychological harm to a person. If you or your loved one has been a victim in a personal injury case, turn to us. Consult one of our lawyers today, so we can start discussing your legal concerns.