Driving on bridges can be dangerous. Some unique circumstances can make crashes more likely to happen and other elements can help make those crashes more deadly. If you got hurt in a car crash on a bridge, you might be owed compensation. A San Angelo, Texas car accident lawyer from our firm can help you sue for damages.

What Are Some Unique Dangers of Bridges?

Bridges can be dangerous in a few ways. Any time you drive on one, you should be aware of potential hazards like:

Ice: Yes, even in Texas. If the temperature drops low enough, bridges can begin to ice up long before any other nearby roads do.

Chain reactions: Crashes that involve multiple cars can easily happen on bridges because there is often less space to maneuver around vehicles that have struck each other. This can lead to other cars hitting these vehicles that were already involved in a crash, leading to chain reactions and a lawsuit with multiple possible defendants.

Side impact crashes: The barriers on a bridge can prevent a car from going over the side or into oncoming traffic. These solid barriers can also cause a lot of damage to a vehicle though. The impact can crush the side of a car and cause serious damage.

Collapse: This is a rarity, but there is always the chance that an issue like structural instability or too much weight being put on the bridge can cause it to collapse.

How Can People Stay Safe After Crashes on Bridges?

If you do get into a crash on a bridge, you need to take steps to make yourself safe. Get everyone and their vehicles moved over as far as possible and then call the police so that they can make a report. While you wait, take photos of the scene and any damage to the vehicles. Then exchange info with the other driver or drivers involved.

Can You Recover Damages After a Crash on a Bridge?

Yes, if you believe that someone else was negligent and that this negligence caused a car crash and your injuries, you can sue for damages. A fair compensation offer should make up for:

  • Medical expenses, past and future
  • Wages you lost while unable to work
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Property damages
  • Pain and suffering

How Long Do I Have to Sue After a Crash?

You do not have unlimited time to sue after a crash though. Texas gives victims two years to pursue legal action. File a case past that cutoff and it’s likely to be thrown out. This is why you should act quickly and consult a lawyer after getting injured.

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